What Does Victoria Beckham Take?

Who Is She?

Victoria Beckham is a household name, but did you also know she loves supplements and cares deeply about her health? Well she does!

Victoria Caroline Beckham, wife of professional soccer player David Beckham, is a 42-year-old English business woman, fashion designer, model, and singer. Most may know her as Posh Spice, a former Spice Girls, but her career definitely didn’t stop there. Victoria has made quite a name for herself over the years and she’s a mother of four! She’s basically super woman. But how does she have enough energy for all extraordinary successes?

And how do she look so good while doing it?

The Supplements…

In an interview with Vogue a couple years back, Victoria Beckham discussed her active and busy lifestyle and her secret to staying and looking young. She credits 60 vitamins and minerals each day! Plus bee pollen. 60 may sound a bit excessive, but have you seen the woman? It’s clearly working. Let’s explore a little more. Here’s what Victoria Beckham takes each day.

20 Amino Acids:

Victoria Beckham claims to take 20 amino acids each day. That’s almost all of them. She’s really covering her bases!

Amino acids are the building blocks for protein. Protein is crucial in almost all the body’s biological processes and 20% of the human body is made up of protein.

A giant percentage of the body’s cells, muscles, and tissues are made up of amino acids. They carry out many of the body’s crucial functions such as giving cells their structure. They also help transport and store nutrients. Amino acids also influence our organs, glands, tendons, and arteries. They are crucial for healing wounds, repairing tissue damage, and removing waste deposits related to our metabolism.

There are 20-22 standard amino acids. Of these, 8-10 of them are considered crucial. This means that we need to intake a certain amount of them to function properly day-to-day. Most amino acids, whether they are essential or not, can be provided to our bodies from our diets. But sometimes we need a little help and there is nothing wrong with that! There are 8 essential amino acids and a few amino acids that are non-essential, but still helpful.

Since Victoria doesn’t even spill which amino acids she takes each day, we definitely don’t know how she doses them either! We decided to fill you in on the standard adult doses for amino acids on a case-by-case basis.

Essential Amino Acids:

  • Histidine: 8-10 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.
  • Lysine: 12 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.
  • Phenylalanine: 14 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.
  • Methionine: 12 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.
  • Leucine: 16 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.
  • Isoleucine: 10-12 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.
  • Valine: 16 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.
  • Threonine: 8 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.

Non-Essential Amino Acids:

  • Glutamine: 5-10 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.
  • Cartinine: 20-200 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.
  • Cysteine: 200-300 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.
  • HMB: 2.5-6 milligrams a day per kilo of bodyweight.

The Benefits:

  • Improve digestion
  • Combat fatigue
  • Maintain positive nitrogen balance
  • Improve motivation
  • Increase Vitamin D
  • Maximize contraction and relaxation of muscles
  • Enhance endurance and energy
  • Help absorb proteins
  • Maintain muscle
  • Minimize fat build up around muscles
  • Prevent muscle loss and fat storage when lacking glucose

There are also medical benefits to amino acids, aside from body building benefits. These are:

  • Protect liver
  • Reduce risk of poor fat metabolism in diabetics
  • Treat sexual impairment
  • Fight high cholesterol
  • Stabilize mental health
  • Wound healing
  • Prevent muscle wasting when in deprivation
  • Treat Arthritis
  • Treat liver disease
  • Treat cold sores
  • Treat nerve deafness

12 Vitamins:

Victoria also told Vogue that she consumes 12 vitamins each day. We don’t know which ones she consumes but clearly she understands how important vitamins are for our health and well being.

Vitamins are compounds that are necessary for our normal every day growth and function. Our bodies cannot produce all of the nutrients that we need to function properly on their own so we need to eat them. For most people, this can’t be done through diet alone which is where supplements come into play.

While we are not sure exactly which vitamins Victoria takes, it’s very likely that she at least takes a daily multivitamin. This most likely includes vitamins A, C, E, D, a B vitamin complex, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, biotin, and more. These vitamins will keep her bones strong and healthy, her brain healthy, her hair and nails strong, her skin clear, her energy levels high, her metabolism at a healthy rate, and basically anything else she dreams of. Vitamins are pretty magical.

Vitamins have all different recommended doses so it is important to be smart about how much you consume. Always read labels. Especially if you take as much as Mrs. Beckham!

28 Minerals:

In her Vogue interview, Victoria says she consumes 28 minerals each day. Minerals are inorganic substances which occur naturally in things such as rocks, water, soils, animals, and plants. Some minerals are needed in order for our cells to function properly which is why they are actively taken into plants via the soil and water.

Just like the amino acids and vitamins Victoria takes, we also do not know the exact minerals she takes. However, judging by the amount she consumes each day, it’s pretty safe to say she understands the power of minerals. Minerals are essential for a variety of bodily functions. Their benefits include promoting strong bones, strong teeth, blood, skin, hair, nerve function, and muscle. They are also responsible for metabolic processes like the ones that turn the food we eat into energy. Victoria’s main point in her interview about her supplements is that she needs a lot of energy to get through her daily routines! So aside from needing minerals to stay strong and healthy, she needs them to keep her energy levels high! She does have four kids and a full time career, right?

Minerals have all different recommended doses so it is important to be wise and read the labels on your minerals before consuming them. Especially before taking 28 each day.

Bee Pollen:

Bee pollen is made by bees. It’s actually food for young bees. It is packed with nutrients and is rumored to contain all of the nutrients that humans require. Beckham claims to take bee pollen to prevent any wrinkles or fine lines. No wonder she looks so good for her age! We found her secret!

Bee pollen is known as an apitherapeutic product because it contains groups of chemical compounds which are made by bees and used for medicinal purposes. In bee pollen’s composition, there are approximately 250 substances. These substances include amino acids, lipids, vitamins, macronutrients, micronutrients, and flavonoids.

Bee pollen can be taken in three forms – granules, capsules, or chewable tablets. We are not sure which form Victoria Beckham prefers. The benefits include:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Acting as an antioxidant
  • Protecting against liver toxicity
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Serving as a dietary supplement
  • Relieving menopausal symptoms
  • Helping relieve stress
  • Promoting healing

What do you think? Are you going to take some advice from Victoria Beckham and her 60 count supplement intake?